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"Certain pieces... stand apart. Dinah Maxwell Smith's simplified, luminous, close-in views of a stark French courtyard door, a shadow, and an adjacent window are small gems..."
-Phyllis Braff, New York times

"Paintings of nostalgia and charm... a generally muted palette and a tersely handled technique combine to make these evocations as pictorially strong as they are visually endearing."
-John Gruen, New York Magazine

Dinah Maxwell Smith studied painting at the Academie Julian in Paris and received her BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. She has been widely exhibited in and around New York City including such institutions as the Parrish Art Museum in Southampton, New York, and the Slater Art Museum in Norwich, Connecticut. Her works are represented in the permanent collections of the Bridgeport Museum of Art, Chemical Bank, and the Laurence Rockefeller Collection.

In the loose painterly style characteristic of the Long Island School, Dinah uses her sensual handling of paint to depict naturalistic environments. Her descriptive brushwork helps create a visual statement defining color and light, perhaps better phrased, "color as light."

Dinah utilizes common motifs of everyday life as vehicles of expression.  Her captured moments in time pleasantly stimulate our memories - an afternoon stroll, a day at the beach. As viewers we are instantly comfortable with these works, they can both aesthetically please while retaining artistic integrity.

Skillfully handled, Dinah's brushwork carries the eye in and around the canvas uniquely recording each image.  We see an obvious love of the paint itself, the individual studies becoming almost abstract in handling. Her use of color is refreshing - each object is meticulously described in varying shades of the same hue placed directly next to each other. Similar to other impressionist painters, Dinah avoids the use of black: rather contrast is achieved by use of color opposites.

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